Another fab 36 Word story!

Just in, I’ve been sent another brilliant entry for the Harrogate International Festivals and Transdev Harrogate short story competition. If you haven’t heard about this, here’s the deal; you just need to craft a compelling tale using a mere 36 words. It can be moving, poignant, amusing…whatever you like!

This one comes from Julia North, a director and writer (and wife of George Costigan!).

She kills thousands every day.

Without pause, everyday.

She feels no shame.

After all, this is war. An invasion.

She must protect what is hers.

She feels swamped.

You would do the same.

The ants are relentless.

Fancy having a go? Just E-mail your short story to and you could win tickets to the Raworth’s Literature Festival, which is coming up in July. Make sure you take advantage of the free library available on the 36 bus too, which connects Ripon, Harrogate and Leeds with its plush fleet of buses.

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